Rehabilitation belt

Come with your dog run on the rehabilitation of the belt for dogs.

I offer my belt to rehabilitate or maintain your fitness as males in preparation for the exhibition. It is also suitable for dogs after operecích feet. The belt webbing that we have dogs to help with its stability.

- increased fitness and stamina of your dog, contributing to his health
- Helps the muscles, weight loss, body shaping, removal of walking habits (eg, pacing)
- Is to learn and experience the elegant exhibition trot
- Efficiently and effectively "discharged" energy dog when it comes time, that you are after a hard day dlouhém just want to winter, darkness, rain, mud, pain vás hlava, something you did not agree, v práci starosti are a mess at home - no just at the moments when your dog is looking forward to active work, but your batteries are depleted.

Price per visit is 50 CZK.
5 visits: 225 Kč
10 visits: 450Kč
More info and arrange on tel no: 603379957 pi. Kropáčková
Opening hours: According to your orders by telephone agreement only in the evening + weekend throughout the day.

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