Breeding code

Breeding code:


Breeding is not a competition assessment of the individual. Referee each dog / bitch evaluated on both the exterior and in terms of nature, characteristic of his breed. Breeding is a compulsory condition for the inclusion of individuals for breeding. For participation in exhibitions and breeding trials is needed. Conditions for participation in the breeding test (which are also controlled conditions for breeding) are membership in the club Czech German Shepherd puppy hits the downspout, a comprehensive training exam grade of at least l (ZV, SchH, IPO), radiograph of the hip dysplasia max 2nd degrees and awards show at least "good" class of adolescents or adults, special exhibitions of the German Shepherd Club. (To participate in the breeding test can take into account the valuation of international exhibitions. Appreciation of national exhibitions in these classes is valid only for exhibitions made 31 12th 1996).

Individuals who successfully complete the breeding test, are included in the sample density on the two years following the year in which they were enrolled. In which expires this first breeding, the dogs may participate in breeding again and they meet all the conditions of the test nature, they are included in the selection of farming life. Individuals inclusion in the selection of breeding, ie. individuals in a controlled breeding are breeding up to 8 years of age. The same applies to individuals who did not attend the re-breeding or breeding necessary conditions be met. As is apparent from the above - there are currently at the German Shepherds are two types of farming.

If the parents have fulfilled the conditions for participation in
breeding and breeding test actually participated successfully, then the puppies will receive their color-coded cards and designation of origin selective breeding.


Description Breeding code:
The first digit evaluate the general appearance of the dog:

0 - totally uncharacteristic appearance bastard
1 - too light, lacking in body substance
2 - small, below the specified standard
3 - light at the desired height standard
4 - required strength, robustness, nobleness, height of the dog, 60-62 cm, females 55-57 cm
5 - the required strength, robustness, nobleness, height of the dog 63-65 cm, females 58-60 cm
6 - within the limits of standard height, but coarser and less noble
7 - overgrown, but symmetrically built, adequate power and nobility
8 - too heavy and not very noble
9 - Gross, lymphatic

Second in order is a letter that describes the characters pedigree

A - mild head
B - steep angulation of the forequarters
C - straight, short croup
D - withheld stern
E - steep angulation of the hindquarters
F - short femur
G - incomplete dentition
H - defect occlusion
J -
correct expression NO, excellent angulation
K - a long ridge
L - too long
M - quadratic
N - flat chest
P - heavier head
R - Defective tail
S - too
yielding ligaments

Third in a row are letters dealing with ear, eye color and pigment

O - bright eyes
T - loss of pigment
U - sable, bright characters
V - sable, dark characters
W - bad ears
Q - vivid pigment
I - black, bright characters
X - black, dark characters
Y -
all black;
Z - long hair

In the fourth place are numbers denoting their character (courage and fighting spirit)

1 - strong
2 - Good
3 - enough (can not be classified Class 1 sire)
4 - sufficient (not meet the requirements for inclusion in the sample density) and the female with this mark can only have one litter per year

In breeding Regulations in force until September 30 1990, the figures denoting the character traits awarded as follows:

O - quite shy excluded from breeding
1 - nervous, afraid of fire, removed from the breeding
2 - sneaky, suspicious, timothy
3 - irritating, challenging, self-confident enough
4 - ferocious, aggressive, unmanageable
5 - gritty, hard (to strike), aggressive, well-controllable
6 - bold, aggressive, sensitive to blows
7 - calm, a few brave blocks
8 - indifferent, fearless, hard
9 - totally unflappable, removed from the breeding

For the fourth digit code is followed by a slash breeding

After the slash is written either by the letter N - dog after surgery or the helper does not release the letter P - male desert. Letters for letting nepouštění and do not affect the breeding class, ie. the overall result of breeding.

Until September 30 1990, the slash could occur digits signifying militancy and hardness.

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